“How Do Writers Make a Living?” and Other Formidable Questions

Something mysterious seems to happen every time I sit down and try to put order to my creative impulses. Two hours disappear, yet my word doc is blank. My recent browser history overflows with articles titled “Are MFA programs really worth it?” and “10 SEO Tips all Content Strategists Should Know” and “The 5 Secrets to Increasing Your Productivity.” I’m suddenly years-deep into the blog of a “designer and mother of 6″ who somehow blogs for a living and summers in France (is her husband rich? Does she have a rotation of nannies? I cannot sleep until I find out). In a flash of anxiety-induced impulse shopping, I purchase an annual subscription to AWP (not a bad idea, but by no means built into my budget and don’t I already have enough to read?), and several books that profess to unlock hidden paths to writerly wealth (they got published, so they must have something worthwhile to say, right?).

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