BookLured is the online exploratorium of Teresa Ingraham, yours truly, an avid reader and in-progress writer.  This cross-disciplinary blog is for any humanities or social sciences nerd with a love for learning and reading. I will also be sharing bits of my own creative writing from time to time. Mostly, it’s a place for me to collect my musings about recent reading and human goings-on, and share discoveries that I find too exciting to keep to myself.

About Teresa

176496_10150407226225416_5241494_oA native of Baltimore, Maryland, I enjoy haunting local book stores, drinking copious amounts of coffee, snacking on old-bay drenched crabs, and tormenting my three cats— preferably all at the same time, but I can’t have everything. I spend much more of my free time reading than writing, a habit that I’m trying to fix. When I’m not scrolling through the latest posts on r/psychology, you might find me in the kitchen trying to emulate Julia Child, or just trolling Zillow for that ever elusive Hobbiton real estate.

I’m also getting hitched later this year to a man of many talents and zany charm, the literary mastermind behind talesfromthewesternreach.com. Check it out!

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